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Corporate NPS – Eligibility

The Corporate National Pension Scheme model was launched in December 2011. It is a voluntary contribution-based scheme where the employees of corporate entities can contribute periodically towards their NPS account to create a corpus to be used post retirement. Corporate NPS model is available for entities as listed under:

  • Entities registered under Companies Act
  • Entities registered under various Co-operative Actss
  • Central Public-Sector Enterprises
  • State Public-Sector Enterprises
  • Registered Partnership Firm
  • Registered Limited Liability Partnership (LLPs)
  • Any Body incorporate under any act of Parliament or State Legislature or by order of Central/Stage Government
  • Proprietorship Concern
  • Trust/Society

All organised sector employees who are Indian citizen between the age 18 to 65 years enrolled by their employer are eligible to enrol under Corporate Model. They need to comply with KYC requirement.

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