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How to Invest in NPS

NPS is a retirement scheme promoted by the government of India to help subscribers build retirement corpus. Under the scheme, the subscribers can periodically contribute into their NPS account during their active employment years and use the accumulated corpus to procure pension post retirement.

Benefits of Investing in NPS

How to Invest in NPS Market-linked returns The amount contributed towards NPS account are invested in different assets including equity, corporate and government bonds, and alternative investment funds.
How to Invest in NPS Simple The process for opening an NPS account is simple, subscribers can open and account either online or offline. Subscribers can keep track of their contributions and other transactions online.
How to Invest in NPS Low cost investment NPS is one of the low-cost investment products in the world. It has low handling and administrative charges.
How to Invest in NPS Portability Subscribers can operate their NPS account from anywhere in the country. Also, subscribers enjoy seam portability even if they switch jobs or move to a different location.

How to Invest in NPS

Investing in NPS is simple. Subscribers who already have an account can start investing online or visit our branch and contribute to their existing account. Those do not have an NPS account can visit our nearest branch to open an account or click on the link here.

Invest in NPS

A subscriber can contribute towards their NPS account online. The minimum amount of contribution depends on the type of NPS account the subscribers hold.

Tier I Account

Known as ‘NPS Account’, it is a mandatory account to join NPS. The subscriber must contribute a minimum of Rs. 1000 annually. The minimum initial contribution towards Tier I account is Rs. 500

Tier II Account

Known as the ‘Investment Account’, subscriber can open a Tier II account at the time of opening Tier I account or later as they wish. There is no minimum balance requirement or minimum annual contribution for Tier II account. But, the subscribers must pay the minimum contribution amount of Rs. 250 on registration. For both Tier I and Tier II account, there is no upper limit on the maximum contribution.

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