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NPS Charges

Here is a list of charges that NPS subscribers need to be familiar with.

PoP (Point of Presence) charges

It is a one-time fee of Rs. 200.

It is 0.25% of the contribution subject to a minimum charge of Rs. 20 and the maximum charge is Rs. 25,000.

It is Rs. 20 on each non-financial transaction done.

It is an annual charge of Rs. 50 that is charged from the 2nd year of account opening.

CRA charges

A one-time charge levied by the CRA - NSD Rs. 40 and KFintech Rs. 39.36.

An annual charge levied by CRA – NSDL Rs. 95 and KFintech 57.63.

For every transaction charge levied by CRA – NSDL Rs. 3.75 and KFintech Rs. 3.36.

PFM (Pension Fund Manager) charges

The PFM charge an Asset Management Charge of 0.01% annually.

NPS Trust charges

The NPS Trust – NPS Trust charges 0.005% annually as NPS Trust Management charge.

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