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NPS Contribution

NPS contribution can be made either online or offline.

Online Contribution

To contribute towards NPS account, subscribers can click on the ‘Invest Online’ tab where they must enter the requisite details and complete the payment.

Offline Contribution

The subscriber desiring to make an offline contribution to their NPS account must visit our branch, deposit the contribution amount along with the duly filled NPS Contribution Instruction Slip (NCIS).

Minimum and Maximum Contribution in Tier I Account

The Tier I account is non-withdrawal permanent pension account. The subscriber needs to contribute at least Rs 1000 every financial year in one or more installments. Every contribution cannot be less than Rs 500. The subscriber can contribute any time during the year and there is no limit on the number of contributions that a subscriber can make in a year. There is no maximum contribution limit for NPS Tier I account.

Minimum and Maximum Contribution in Tier II Account

The Tier II account is a voluntary withdrawal investment account. The subscriber can open Tier II account at the time of opening of Tier I account or at any later date with a minimum contribution of Rs 250. There is no minimum balance requirement or minimum annual contribution requirement in Tier II account. There is no upper limit for maximum contribution in Tier II account.

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