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Pension Calculator

Pension Calculator

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60 My retirement age
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The expected rate of return is a percentage return expected to be earned by an investment. In other words, it is a percentage by which the value of investments is expected to exceed its initial value after a specific period of time.
My expected rate of return
An annuity is a contract between individual and an insurance company in which individual make a lump sum payment, in return, obtain regular disbursements. This percentage of NPS corpus will be utilized for purchase of Annuity.
Purchase annuity for
An annuity rate is specified rate at which pension will be paid to the subscriber on investment of lump sum in an Annuity plan.
Expecting an annuity rate
Your pension account at retirement
Your pension corpus at retirement
Annuity Value Lump Sum Value
Your Expected Monthly Pension 0
Disclaimer: This retirement calculator determines the indicated corpus which the user may typically build at the time of retirement. The retirement corpus amount is divided into a lumpsum and annuity portions which are based on various factors like age, proposed amount to be invested and expected rate of return, risk appetite etc. as per details provided by the user. The calculated amount is merely an indicative illustration and does not in any manner guarantee or give any assurance of such returns in future and does not indicate or guide to future performance and also should not be used as a basis for investment. The Tools used are generic in nature. The user should therefore obtain your own independent financial advice based on the assessment of their own risk profile, suitability and financial condition and understanding of the risk factors before considering any investment decision. ABSLPML or any of its employees or directors thereof shall not be held liable for any investment decision or consequences arising thereof.
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