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Corporate NPS is available to organised sector employees working in organisation registered under the Corporate NPS Model. Launched in December 2011, Corporate NPS is regulated by PFRDA. It is a voluntary contribution scheme where periodic contributions are made by the employer on behalf of employee to the employee’s NPS account. Employees of both public and private sectors companies can choose to join NPS under the corporate model.

Who can join Corporate NPS?

  • All Indian citizens can subscribe to NPS under the Corporate model.
  • The subscriber should be between 18 to 65 years on the date of opening the NPS account
  • Employees of those organisation registered under Corporate model are eligible to join NPS.

To know where the organisation is eligible to offer NPS under Corporate Model click here corporate NPS

How to register for Corporate NPS?

  • All corporate sector employees working in an organisation that is registered under the corporate NPS model can register for Corporate NPS online. The HR department of the organisation need to authorise the employment details of the subscriber. The subscribers need to comply with the KYC requirements.
  • For offline registration, subscribers can submit the registration form that is duly attested by the HR department at our branch along with the requisite KYC documents.
  • To know more about the registration process for opening the account, click here corporate NPS

Benefits of Corporate NPS for Employees

  • It is a tax-efficient investment. The contributions towards NPS account are subject to tax deduction, as per the Income Tax Act, 1961. To know more about the benefits, click here corporate NPS
  • It provides market-linked returns.
  • Subscribers can operate their NPS account from anywhere. It provides seamless portability across jobs and geographies.
  • Simple process for account opening. Subscribers can track their contributions and transactions online.
  • NPS has a low administrative and handling charges, click here corporate NPS

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